Monday, 7 May 2012

What do you do wen its raining in Tokyo?... Why you go gaming of course!!

It was pissing down with rain so we headed off for some indoor activities. In Ikebukuro there are heeeaaaps of gaming arcades, the best one probably being Sunshine City, its so massive it has its own aquarium! We spent a lot of coin that day.

 This is what I finally won (the claws were waaayyy too weak by the way, its wasn't a lack of my skill at all)

This little guy is my new favourite, he's from Natsume sensei.. i love him.
We thought we'd take a break from gaming and headed over to Tokyo hands where you can go up to the cat level. Yep, just 6 clams to pat all the cats you can!! I was excited for this but when i stepped inside and saw all the unhappy cats being poked by kids i left pretty quickly afterwards.

 We saw some other cool stuff in between serious gaming and cat patting. 

Today we hopped on the Shinkansen bound for Kyoto. It was crazy busy because of Golden Week, well I assume thats why it was so busy. We got a lot of good kimono sightings here.

We moseyed on down to Gion and found the coolest little bars that make the best G and T's I've ever had in my life! (and yes I know my G and T's)

 This particular bar we found gave you frozen fruit skewers to eat, played 90's music and could only hold about 15 people.

The next day we hired bikes and rode down to Fushimi Inari shrine, it is HUGE and its all about foxes. There was a small festival going on so there were loads of people. The whole place was amazingly beautiful, with crisp green trees and the bright orange wood.

We did a hell of a lot of riding and walking that day so we treated ourselves to an amazing dinner filled with soup dumplings and beers.

 Ok, so we had so many good days it was bound to come crashing down in my face sooner or later.. right?? It was a wet and cruddy day in Kyoto, we wanted to go to the sunday flea market... so we rode there. I was pretty tired form snorey mcsnore and crunchy mcpete in our room last night but i was determined to have a good day still. Then I stacked it on my bike... oooowwwiiieee! It pretty much landed on top of me crushing my legs in a weird position and I couldn't move until Amanda got the bike off me. I wasn't hurt that bad just a few bruises and grazes, I was just stoked I didn't rip my pants!! And yes still determined to have a good day.
The market was good, I bought a nice blue kimono. Then we went to check out a store across the road and some police men came over and said we have parked our bikes illeally. bah! People do it all the time! So we went and moved them, by that stage my sore leg and lack of sleep and coffee had made me somewhat grumpy.... at least until I chugged back 2 espressos and ate some thing sweet.

Look at her mocking me on her bike.

Kyoto was real fun, we saw lots of shrines, visited the manga museum, ate delicious food, drank the best G and T's and bought some really beautiful things. But I think the best thing was this..

Look at him just hanging there! We came so close. we tried again and again but the stupid claw didn't go far enough. Amanda budged the glass a bit with her finger and he started to move... until he dropped! Not 1 but 2!!! 

Biggest achievement yet!

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