Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Ghibli Museum!! This was one of the coolest places ever! We got there real early just so we wouldn't get lost (like we always do) sadly you cant take photos in there, so you'll just have to take my word for it. You get to go through little tiny doorways (not great for a wookie I know) and see displays of how everything is made, and even watch a Totoro movie. There were so many people there even for a weekday, and the gift shop was goin' nuts, but I did manage to buy myself a Ponyo mug, and a Totoro badge. Kawaii!!

I can't seem to remember dates very well while im on holidays, but we ate these burgers.... AMAZING! So if you ever see a Freshness burger joint, you best be gettin yourself one!

The next day we headed to Kichioji and took a ride on a swan boat. They are fun but they are made for little legs im sure of it.

The only man swan amongst all the ladies.

Then we finally started our Ikebana Class. I know we've been dillydallin' around, but it was the first class we could get into. Again we arrived early incase of getting we played angry birds in the park. The class was really fun. We had a nice little lady teaching us in english, we learnt how to make an upright arrangement in a low bowl.. everyone else got to do crazy freestyle but apparently you gotta learn the basics first.Im looking forward to our next class tomorrow.

 These are our arrangements, mines the pinky. Theres a strict formula you have to follow, which was interesting, i would have liked to do a few other things to it but the lady wouldn' really have a bar of that.

 Pretty blossom and hydrangea.

 Ladies workin' their magic.

 This one was my favourite, the picture doesn't really do it any justice at all. I thought it was so clever the way she used the vase.

I also liked this one, it was simple but effective and the dahlias look amazing!

After class we were in dying need of just watching/resting and not having to think... so we went to the movies, haha! I know it sounds stupid but it was the best thing EVER! We went and saw This means war ( it was all that was on offer, so please don't judge) but they seem to call it black of white for some reason? It was corny with crappy effects but... i actually enjoyed it, haha! The cinema was almost full which was surprising for an english movie, and we were the only ones laughing... loudly.

 A local florist making tiny posies.

 The radish, they're big over here.

 So are the springgers!

We were lucky enough to catch the design festa while we are here. Its a huuuggee building full of artworks and freaks, totally amazing freaks.

 Shibuya crossing, you really gotta be prepared to hip and shoulder your way through.

Somethings that make me happy after a hard day on the ol' licorice sticks.

 Macha frappe and a vanilla chiffon cake. I have had my eye on this cake since i've been here, Amanda tells me its me in a cake...and if thats true well I AM DELICIOUS!!

Geisha bath salts, its like being in a hot cherry blossom.

Bunny fabric

This amazing book of hairstyles I got from the Manga museum

Nyan Sensei, he's the cutest sass mouthin' cat going around.

This beautiful Obi I bought from the market today. 

Now something that doesn't make me happy.. the killer bruise i acquired for stacking it on my bike....ahhh, what a shit!

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