Tuesday, 1 May 2012

After a journey of what felt like forever, we finally made it!We are in japan! ohhh yeahh!

We had a bit of a trek getting from the airport to our apartment with our packs (the turtle was especially annoying during this part)

Once we reached our little apartment we had a mosey around our hood. Its great! lots of 100 yen shops, cute izekeyas and food on sticks (the best kind of food) We did our food shop at the local supermarket.. which is AMAZING! Tempura to go, sushi to go, huge apples and a whole lane of green tea.

Our first dinner at home.

Followed by my favourite tv show.

The next day we went to Nakameguro, which is a really cute little neighbourhood with a canal and retro shops. We were a little early and the shops were closed.. but we will return!

So we walked around, got a delicious breakfast from 'Monthly Sweet' and headed to Shibuya.

In Shibuya we did a lot of walking! Like a lot! Bt it was all worth it cos look at all the cool stuff we saw!

 So disappointed I didn't win anything :( But then I tried on this crab hat and was happy again :)

We went into all the crazy department stores, needless to say I went nuts on the cosmetics. After about 5 hours of walking we needed to refuel,we found this amazing little underground place where we had beers, edamame, gyozas, okonimiyaki and some amazing pork dish.

Tuesday we decided to battle Harajuku. We walked around a lot and then just when the crazies started to set in we found the cutest little florist tea room, the perfect retreat from the city. The had such cute little arrangements. I bought 2 plastic Kenzans which are really cleaver cos they have a suction cap on the bottom, I also bought a light globe vase, perfect for little stems.

 Yes thats a flower cake!
 Little cone bouquets
 Little tea cup arrangements complete with sugar cubes, Kawaii!! (cute!!)
 These two girls worked at this florist, I asked to take a photo, but when they realised i meant of them they got shy.

 The food and the tea were amazing too... I think we will go back there before we leave.

 Its Golden Week in Japan, so they have lots of flower arrangements out the front of their shops for good fortune.

 We headed over to Yoyogi Park to check out the shrines.

They even had an Ikebana display on!

 After a long and eventful day we headed home grabbed some food on sticks and downloaded some dragons.

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