Thursday, 11 April 2013

Somebody said to me the other day "there's not much going on at Green Trick lately Lizzy D"... yes, this is true. So when they say "much" and "lately" they really mean "nothing" and " a years time". So, I've been a little slack, a little lazy. I know, I know, but It took me a little while to settle into Melbourne Town and I didn't have much to write about. Then once I settled I was having too much of a good time and no time to write anything. Now I have settled myself in my little nest of a bed with too many cushions and am ready to write.

I guess a lot has happened in a years time, so I'll do my best to fill in the blanks of where I last left off. 

Once I arrived in Melbourne I was lucky enough to find a job and a house in a bout a month of being here. It was hard because it was sooooo freakin' cold!! I didn't really wanna go looking for a job and I didn't really wanna leave my spot on the couch just for the cat to claim it, but somehow it all fell into place. I managed to find a place to live 10 minutes walk from my sisters house ( convenient for last minute dinners and cat patting) and get a job in one of Melbourne's biggest florists! 

 I started to settle in at work and made friends with this bunch of weirdos, I love them.

Then as I started making my way around Melbourne I discovered so many amazing eating and drinking places. Not great for your wallet or your waistline but who can say no to a rose water cocktail or cakes from Laurent with a flamingo bingo on the side?!! I dare you to! No, you can't can you? Because no one can resist these guys!

Or these!

I'm pretty lucky, even though sometimes I bitch and moan about work I get to do some pretty amazing stuff!

To be fair, I had nothing to do with stampy.. although he was amazing!

Then I had the privilege of making the flowers for my friend Steph's wedding. I tell ya the girl got good taste! Mmmmhhhm!! She tells me David Austins and she tells me big! So what did she get? A giant posy of gerberas? A cascading bouquet of ming fern? I think not! She got big beautiful bouquets of david Austins with a few peonies in hers. It was such a beautiful wedding (minus the lateness of my friends and I at the ceremony.... I will get you for that Adam.... one day). 

My birthday and Christmas came and went. As usual I managed to drag my birthday out for at least a week. 

And I won our 'gingerbread off'!! A battle between my sister and I of who's gingerbread is best. We obviously had been watching far too much master chef as we took it very seriously and conducted a blind tasting.

After the festive season I tried to slip back into some form of regularity and took up a new hobby! Its still a work in progress but they sure are fun to make.
Cushion covers for all!!

Then just recently I had a visit from my favourite kind of people... my gaggle! Two talls and two smalls make the best kind of gaggle.

We did a lot of this.

And this.

Followed by this.

It was perfect! 

Now its time to start organising my next adventure!! Im off to the UK and Europe for a month!! I'm trying to suss out an awesome floristry workshop I can do while Im over there... but its so hard to decide!! Oh and I'll be staying in this place for a week

No biggie.

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