Wednesday, 7 March 2012

This is the one you've been waiting for... Crazy colours, fancy threads and a lot of 80's runback dancing , why it can only be my sister's wedding of course!! Amanda and Brendan got married on the 28th of January, and it was a beeeuudiful day!

 Large ceremony arrangements of kangaroo paw, dahlias, mollacabalm, roses, orchids, kales, echinatia and berry.
 Buttonholes of succulents, billy buttons and brunia.. made by the bride herself! Yes I had her in a B.Hole sweatshop
Pew arrangements of dahlias in little vintage bottles tied with brown string
 Possibly the cutest table centres goin' round. An eclectic mix of flowers in vintage bottles and jars, with a birch candle holder and stumps cut by our pa. 
 Gemma Vendetta did an amazing job making us look pretty as a peach!
 Larger table centre arrangement
 That's a bit cute
 The bridal party

 The beautiful photography of Kate Pardey
 The fam

 Hair combs!! I loved making these combs
 The cake was made by 'How sweet it is' and it was pretty delicious! 

 You 'avin a laugh!
Our mum, Di... she's pretty amazing, pity I forgot her shoes

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